*Summer 2001 - Week 10 - Maybe a playoff bid?

Tough one to write about due to unusual cicumstances. Overall a down night but magically we are on the verge of a playoff spot. It started rough due to navigational problems. Three car loads of Fish looking for the bar that was nestled on a side street in Malden and it was 8:45 before we threw the first dart! Missing a slew of our guys, we challenged but couldn't quite manage a win in the regular season finally. Not too many highlights from the night except for Brett hitting the unheard of 8 dart out. 160 in, 81 and 60 to close it. People that were there know why we have the shortened write up and stay tuned for the Playoff picture. If we are in, we will be playing the Kinsmen from the Silhoutte Lounge in Brighton. D-Dawgs watch: a huge , down to the wire 6-5 thriller.

Week10: The Kinvara Curse continued but this time on our home ground! An embarassing 6-5 loss to a SHORTHANDED, last place team. With a the whole team lacking any enthusiasm, we blew a golden opportunity to glide into a playoff spot. Brett Jeremy and Noel started things off on the right foot by winning the initial 601 amidst a big comeback by their foes. Dr. Billy and Jimmy "Wild Thing" Gavin won their 601 very easily with a 3 on 2 advantage despite Jimmy almost hitting the trophies on the wall with his errant throws. Brett and Noel didn't miss many shots but still lost in cricket due to strategy lapses. With a commanding lead they failed to score any points and it came back to bite them in the ass! Jimmy and Jeremy lost their cricket after battling back. Wild Thing struck again but after all, he was training behind the bar! Dr. and BBB won their crciket 2 on 1 and made the score 3-2 us, with a gimme game at the end. Jeremy lost his singles in the third leg. Dr. lost in two staright and was blanked on the all-star point board for the first time in many weeks. Brett, playing in the three hole, won a close match and threw 2 tons along the way. Noel lost in his third leg. Billy Lost in 2 straight even after throwing 240 all star points on the night. Jimmy won by default in his game and we limp away licking our wounds. Next Week @ Looney Tunes in the final regular season match of the summer session. Stay Tuned for the Playoff Picture!

Week9:Two weeks to go and holding strong in second after a solid 7-4 win. In what turned out to be a pretty cool bar, we defeated the thugs and most likely held our spot in the standings. Dr., BBB and Jimmy started rough and couldn't get in during their 601. Brett, Jeremy and Noel snatched a win in theirs to tie it at one apiece. In cricket, Noel carried Brett like a piece of luggage, but they couldn't do much and lost big. Jimmy and Jeremy grabbed the early lead notching 60 points before their foes threw a dart. They hung on to win and we were tied at two. The "elder statesmen" of the team, Dr. and Billy continued their cricket dominance and won handily. Jeremy exacted his revenge for his crushing defeat earlier in the season by getting the win from Bubba the Brawler. Dr. threw a ton in his 2-0 victory that put us up 5-2. Noel hung in there in his game but did lose in two straight. Jiimmy shot what could be known as the longest 3 game set ever played and eventually did lose. Any truth to the rumor he thought the game took so long that last call was coming any minute and threw the game? Buzzard Bay Billy shot very well including a T20 and a few 99's on his way to a big win and our 6th point of the night. Brett threw 2 tons in his singles and defeated their very angry and very animated captain for the 7th point of the night. After correcting the score sheet( they tried to stiff us out of a point) we took our seven points and headed home happy. Next Week@ the friendly confines vs. Blind Faith. D-Dawgs Watch:

Week7:A 6-5 loss was not what we had hoped for heading into last night. Teetering in second place we need all the points we can muster since the top two teams make the playoffs. Brett, JJ and Jeremy had many golden opportunities to get the win but everyone choked and we couldn't get out. The second 601 saw Dr, Billy and Jimmy throw some heavy darts including three tons but just not the final winning dart. Quickly down 2-0. Brett and Billy stopped the madness after battling back and crushing the Bulls in the process. Jimmy and Jeremy lacked the arrows in their brutal loss. Dr. and JJ were able to pull out a win to salvage the crickets and we trailed 3-2 going into singles. Jeremy finally regained his 301 form and won in two straight to knot it at 3-3. Dr. suffered his first 301 loss of the season and came crashing down to earth in his 2-0 loss. Jimmy shot well two of the three legs in his singles but was skunked in the third. Billy struggled in his singles but it's understandable, he has found his fountain of youth and is loving every minute of it. Go get 'er Billy! "Who's Your Daddy?!" JJ shot well and strolled to a 2-0 win. Brett hit a 120 in and marched on to a 2-0 win as well. Next week: in Waltham vs. The WWF Superstars!..Raw is War! D-Dawgs watch:Unknown

Week6:Tied for second going into the All-Star break isn't too shabby at all! The Fish started the second half in style with a nice 7-4 win that saw some old friends come back and shoot well. Brett, Woody and Mike "my wife let me go out" Hong, barely won the first 601 even with a 3 on 2 advantage. Noel, Jeremy and Jimmy battled in the 2nd 601 but lost a very close match despite Noel registering his his all star points with a 121. Jimmy and Jeremy bounced right back with some great darts and won the initial cricket match to put the fish up 2-1. The "Asian Arrowers", Po and Honger punished their opponent in a 2 on 1 massacre in their cricket. Brett and Woody dominated in their game and before we knew it we had swept the Crickets and were leading 4-1. Jeremy won by default in his singles. Woody, in what could be his last match of the season, lost a tough third game. The big story of the night was Noel. Laddy played arguably their best shooter and he beat him in three games to seal the win for us. BOO-YA laddy! Gavin lost his singles falling just a few darts short and it was now 6-3. Po was next on the board and doing his best JJ impersonation lost but threw well in his return from the abyss. Brett won his singles despite his braincramp. He thought he had 90 left and hit 20,20,double bull only to find out he had 70 and that was a bust. In true Fish style, with 70 left this time, he hit 20 double bull to wrap it up and we walk with a 7-4 win. Nice to have the Alum help out and notch a few wins. Demo and Will you're up next! Next week @ Flat Top Johnny's. D-Dawgs watch: a 7-4 loss.

Week5: Super A…my ass! We lost 6-5 but it could have been worse. We started off the night on a good note with Brett, Dr, and Noel grabbing a win. JJ, Jeremy and Jimmy never really challenged in the second game and that earned us the split in 601. The Bangin Bills lost big in their cricket and Brett and Woody followed suit by losing the second one. Jimmy and Jeremy couldn't recover from the 200+ points their opponents scored by nailing the trip 18 all night. Just like Toronto did to the Sox, the Looney Tunes swept us in cricket. Dr. played fantastic and improved to a solid 5-0 in singles and recorded his second Tuna of the night. Woody pulled out his first ever 2-0 win in an all around beautiful game and we were now in striking distance. Noel put up minimal fight in his loss and that brought up JJ. Josh shot, arguably his best darts in quite a while including 3 tons in his huge win, leaving it up to BBB to carry on the streak. Billy just about lapsed into a coma in his game and came dangerously close to getting skunked in both of his singles matches. Brett was able to hold off his guy and get the win in his singles wrapping up the night with our 5th and final point. The Drop was full of Fish Alum with Honger and Will stopping in and Po back from the Devil's Den of Amsterdam. Next week: @ the friendly confines vs.Bud Rocks. D-Dawgs watch...their first win of the season and against the Roads no less..BooYaa!

Week4: Our win streak was halted at 3 games as our Kinvara curse continues. We never seem to be able to pull off a win at that place and that was true last night as we lost 6-5. Both 601's were fairly close but in all honesty we never really challenged in either one and again found ourselves down 0-2 to start. The killer B's, Brett and BBB banged out a big bad win and got us on the board. Jeremy and Noel had a rough go of it in their cricket and we were down 3-1. Butcher and the Doc returned to their winning ways and pulled out a big point in the third cricket. Dr. looks like he has found a home in the leadoff singles spot as he won to go an impressive 4-0 for the summer. Jeremy struggled for the second week in a row in 301 and needs to regain his Spring season singles form that proved to be quite solid. Hey Jeremy, "See the the Dart." Jimmy was a mess and that about sums up his night. Billy grabbed a huge win taking his guy out on a 72 in the third game and making it 5-4 Kinvara. Butcher played a tough match but lost 2-1 and that was their win. Brett knocked his foe rather quickly to wrap up the night. The Sox have the curse of the Babino( ha ha) and we have the Kinvara curse. Next week @ the freindly confines vs. Looney Tunes. D-Dawgs watch: an angry T bag reports a 7-4 loss to keep them winless to date.

Week3: We continued our winning ways with a big 7-4 win at home Tuesday night. We started our winning ways early in the night winning both 601 games with Noel and Dr. getting the outs respectively. Jimmy and Noel lost a tough cricket match after Jimmy didn't have time to even warm up. Brett and Jeremy started off big but slowed in the end in their cricket, they still held on for the win. Butcher's summer debut was spoiled in his cricket loss with Dr. Dr. came roaring back in his singles winning 2 straight and throwing his second ton of the night as well. Jeremy lost his singles match in the midst of some unwanted banter about his game. BBB had a graet chance at a tough out in his match. With 66 left Billy hit a double bull and just missed the double 8 to win it. He still banged out a win putting us up 5-3. JJ sucked it up and lost. Butcher dominated and Brett rounded out the night to grab our final point. It seems that almost everyone was pleased with the new shirts and hopefully we'll be able to wear them all the way to the playoffs. Next week@ the friendly confines vs. Rubber Chickens. D-Dawgs watch: a gutsy 6-5 loss after being down big.

Week1: Well we opened the season on a good note but it could have been a great note. Despite not having Butcher, JJ, Woody and Laddy we still won 6-5. We had a viable replacement in the form of Paul Potter (Lesley's brother) who shot very well in his big league debut. The first 601 saw Jeremy take out 63 to nab the win and the second game was a big win as well. Jeremy and Jimmy continued the streak and won their cricket opening up a 3-0 lead for the Fish. Brett and Paul shot well but not well enough and they fell in a close one. The "Bangin Bills" knocked out a solid win to put us up 4-1 going into singles. Dr. dominated and won 2 straight. Jeremy sealed the victory with probably his best 301 games to date. 6-1and our first win of the summer but that's where the winning ended. Paul played great in his singles but his guy was too tough. Jimmy was too worried about our Spanish speaking Pizza guy and lost 2-0. BBB lost 2-0 and Brett lost 2-1 as we crawled to the finish line barely hangin on. It's a win and we'll take it. Next week @ Drop vs. Damage Inc.

Team Last Week Wins Total Season Wins
Looney Tunes 0 67
Rub the Fish! 0 53
Rubber Chickens 0 51
Damage Inc. 0 49
Bud Rocks 0 44
Blind Faith 0 32

top two teams make the playoffs with 1 weeks to go.

Drop @ Looney tunes

gonna be close


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