Nine men, each true of mind and arrow, meet each Tuesday evening at The Last Drop in Boston to throw darts, partake of ale and just plain laugh. Their stories, eMail links & pictures are below:

Brett Ricci   Steve Butcher   Bill Thomas    Josh Johnson    Jeremy Porter    Noel Flannery    Billy Poole    Jimmy Gavin    Josh Wood    The Fish

'Fish Alumni


A four year veterean of Rub the Fish and El Capitan for 2 1/2 years now. Played on various teams for the past ten years in both Mass. and Maine. He credits his dart ability and knowledge to his former teammate and captain, Ron Ricci (his dad). He is also a frantic Yankees fan!


Brett Ricci, El Capitan


Reared in Michigan, 10 years in Boston, and now a residing in Vermont's Mad River Valley - Steve has gained and lost the anchor position on many occasions, most recently for his absence at the foul line. Favorite howl - "WALK THE PATH!"


Steve Butcher, former Anchor


 Founding member of the team (and devout Hater of the team name), Bill has been throwing arrows longer than most of us have been alive. He has brought us many valuable coaching advice like "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while" & "targeting fluid"


Bill Thomas, "Doctor"


3 year member of 'Fish, learned to play darts at the Bombshelter Pub on
Cape Cod at age 17. Briefly attained super A status at 18yrs old but
then found the evils of hard alcohol and loose women and now ranks himself a B shooter at best.


Josh Johnson, "JJ"


Born and raised in Cambridge, Mass, Jeremy started throwing in Wisconsin 10 years ago on electronic boards. He returned to Boston and stumbled upon the Crossroads, and was subsequently recruited to throw for a team in Dorchester. He returned to the Crossroads to start another team and then joined 'The Fish in the Fall of 1999.


Jeremy Porter


A staple on the team from way back, Noel hails from the Emerald Isle, and is our most improved player at least 3 years running. Laddy lives a few short blocks from the Drop and frequents the 'Drop dart board as often as possible.


Noel Flannery, "Laddy"


Computer Head by day, Dart Head by night, BackBayBill adopted the Last Drop about 5 years ago as his favorite neighborhood watering hole after defecting from Crossroads around the corner. Not only was he getting too old to successfully work the college girl crowd at Crossroads, the opportunity to join a more seasoned team (Duckin' Farts) presented itself. Before long, the team acquired a mascot in the form of a rubber fish that yielded good luck on the board so long as you gave it a rub before throwing. Thus, Rub the Fish was born and he's proud to be a charter member of the beer-quaffing, fish-rubbing fun-loving team spawned from the smoky-stale beer-air of Back Bay's finest establishment.


Billy Poole


Jimmy started throwing darts at the Crossroads in 1991 and captained a team in 1996. He was recruited to the 'Drops upper ranks in 1998 -- One of the convincing factors being the promise of a 'recruitment T-Shirt'. Even though he is now a respected patron of The Last Drop, he is still waiting for his damn T-Shirt.


Jimmy Gavin

Josh Wood, better known as Woody, is a 1 1/2 year member of Rub the Fish. Woody grew up in New Jersey and holds the distinction of being the only member of the Fish to currently be married. In fact, Woody and his wife Lori are expecting their first child in early 2002...Woody is also an avid Yankees fan.



Josh Wood, "Woody"


The second generation mascot enjoys belly rubs and Marlboro Light smokes.


The Fish II


Rub The Fish ALUMNI

The Fish I - slowly rubbed too many times the wrong way, he was torn to shreds one night after a successful final match and buried in the trash can at The Last Drop

Mike Hong
Will Flynt
Po Yu

Scott Green

Chris Sugden
Rick Nichols
David Houle
Tim Tibbetts

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