Winter2001: While attempting to participate, Butcher only made it to a total of 3 matches out of 14. Piss poor showing if i do say so myself. We started out strong and then drifted at the end, nearly out of playoff contention until the last night, when revenge was best served cold - an 8-3 shellacking of the boys from Elks Too! In the playoffs by the scales of our chinny chin chin.

Feb 2001:
almost 10 years ago, one night after work, 4 friends headed over to Brighton to share a few laughs after a hard day in Biotech. They wandered into a small Tudor -style pub and the bet was on. Dr. Bill bet me $20 he could beat him at a game of cricket - having never played a real game of darts in my life, i obviously took the bet.

Following my loss and many black and tan's, it was decided that we would form a team and join the Minuteman Dart League based out of the closest hole-in-the-wall to our office: The CambridgePort Saloon, formerly "Father's II". We met some friends & enemies. Saw some weird people and played some great matches. That was 1991 and the E league. For 4 or 5 seasons dealt with the beer soaked floor and the complaints of Tim & Dave's wives about the awful smell of smoke on every inch of their bodies following a standard Tuesday night match.... (to be continued)





NOTES: 93 - Harry,Fall 95- the Drop, Roland, Hank's Yankees, Time gone, Dave Houle & Chris Sugden, Po, Rick Gone, Mike Hong, Demo, Will Flynt, Scotty Green, The upset in Dorchester (name?), Brett, Josh, Noel, Billy Poole, Jimmy Gavin, King Arthur's Bar & Strip Joint, Will gone, Demo gone, Mike gone, Matt Bermon, Woody

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