We affectionately call this the "What the hell does that mean" section. We thought it might be nice to list a glossary of dart terms to better explain a few phrases you may hear while watching or playing a game of darts:

Arrows: Darts

Bag o' nuts: A score of 45.

Barrel: The part of a dart you grip, right behind the point.

Basement: The double-3.

Breakfast: A score of single-5, single-20, single-1 in a game of x01. This was based on the typical price of a bed-and-breakfast, 26 pence.

a "Brett Ricci": winning the final game in the final match of the last night of the season to clinch a playoff spot with an 8-dart out (161in/81/60out). priceless any way you score it. USAGE: "Nice 9 dart out, you almost pulled a Brett Riccii"

Bucket of Nails: Landing all three darts in the 1's.

Buckshot: When you're darts land wildly all over the board.

Bulls-eye / Bull:

Bust: Hitting more than you needed in an x01 game, and the darts don't count.

"C": In a Cricket game this refers to high scores base on the number of darts scored. For example a triple-20, single-20, single-20 would be called a C-5 because "5 darts" were scored with three darts.

"Circle It!": When a player scores a single digit (less than 10) with three darts, his team-mates would shout out "Circle it!" to the scorekeeper to highlight the terrible throw.

Cork: The center of the board. This comes from the cork in the end of a keg where it is tapped. The ends of kegs were used for targets in the begining of darts. a.k.a Bull or Bulls-eye

Double: The thin outer ring of the board, it usually counts for two times the number hit.

Double In: A double is needed to start the game.

Double Out: A double is needed to win the game.

Double Top: The double-20.

Downstairs: The lower portion of the board, usually in refernce to the 19's in a game of x01.

Feathers: The "wings" at the end of a dart that make it fly straight. Also known as flights. Also, the number 33.

Flights: The "wings" at the end of a dart that make it fly straith. Also known as feathers.

Forfeit: Something surrendered or subject to surrender as punishment for a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract.

Four Round Out: When a player wins an '01 game in four rounds.

Hat Trick: Three bullseyes scored in one round. Any combination of three single or double bullseyes counts as a hat trick

"Looked pretty, smelled shitty": ???

Last Call Towel Toss: The act of throwing a particularly late or drawn out game in order to make last call at the bar. (circa July 2001, Jimmy Gavin)

Mark: A slash or circle marked when a player hits a scoring dart in Cricket.

Matador: One who is good with the Bulls

Mugs Away: Loser of the previous game goes first in the next game.

"Nice grouping": a round of darts landing in close vicinity, usually after missing the intended mark. A remark of consolation

Point Pig: A person who deliberately scores many more points than needed to win the game.

Popcorn: When the darts land so close to each other, they knock their flights out.

"Right Church", Wrong Pew" OR "Right House, Wrong Bed": When you a double or triple, but the wrong number.

Robin Hood: When you shoot a dart into the shaft of another.

Round of 9: The score of 3 triples in a round of 3 darts. (the best dart throw for closing numbers in Cricket possible)

Shaft: The part of a dart behind the barrel when the flights are mounted.

Skunk / Shut out: When you lose a game without ever scoring in it.

Slop: Darts that score, but not where you wanted them.

Spider: The metal web that divede the dart board.

Splash: Darts that score, but not where you wanted them.

Star Wars: When during an '01 game, both players end up with a Double-One (*) out to win

Straight in: A game that requires no special shot to begin scoring.

"Targeting Fluid": The explanation given when ordering a stiff drink with a beer. Typically a shot of bourbon, whiskey or a vodka

Three in a Bed: Three darts in any one triple.

Toe Line / Throw Line: The line you you stand behind and throw the darts from.

Ton: A score of exactly 100 points in a game of '01. Scores over 100 would be called a "ton-whatever" for example, a ton-thirty would be a score of 130.

Ton-80: Three Triple 20's (60 points x 3 = 180 points)

Triple: The thin inner ring of the board, it usually counts for three times the number hit.

Upstairs: The upper portion of the board, usually in reference to the 20's.

"Walk the Path": This along with "Be the Dart", "Focus", etc. all come from a teammate ensuring the player that he/she CAN hit the number desired. From the phrase "It's the difference between knowing the path and walking the path"

Wire: Darts that just miss where you aimed but on the other side of the spider.

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